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Frequently Asked Questions


Q-"I've just received one of your kits, what do I do?"

A- Head over to our instructions page for detailed instruction! Click here for instructions

Q- "I cut the top of the bag of rather than making an X in the side"

A- That's fine, the X is to reduce the area exposed to the air, to reduce moisture loss and to create a tighter cluster. Cutting the top of the bag off won't have a large effect on yeild.

Q- "Do I need to keep it in the box once Ive opened the grow kit?"

A- No, you can dispose of, or reuse the cardboard box however you please. We like to take photos of it in the box as we love to show off our logo.

Q-"I cut a big cross in the side but it looks like there are mushrooms trying to grow out the top, should I cut the top off aswell?"

A- No, the mushrooms on the top won't develop unless exposed to fresh air, and if you try to get them to develop, all it will do is reduce the crop growing out the X you cut.

Q- "I just harvested my mushrooms, will it produce more?"

A- Probably. in the right conditions we have had kits produce 5 flushes. however, each flush happens with an increasing amount of time between them and smaller yeilds each time. To see what to do after harvest, check out the intructions page.

Q-"I've opened my kit, but nothings happening."

A-if its been a couple of days, don't panic, if the fruiting conditions aren't quite right, the mycelium can just be reluctant to fruit. If after a week, nothing has happened, try moving to to a different place and increasing the amount that you mist. If after 2-3 weeks nothing has happened then please get in contact with us and we will send you a replacement.

Q- "When should I open my kit?" 

>A- Our kits come fully colonised but sometimes need a little extra incubation before the mushroom primordia start to form. Check out our instructions page to help identify when the kit is prime to open. 

Q-"I think i opened the kit too early"

A- If you think you opened your mushroom grow kit too early, If its a grey oyster kit, just keep going, it should pin anyway after a couple of days, for ther varieties it can be worth wrapping it in clingfilm and putting it back in incubating conditions for another week or two.