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Some Funguys Gourmet Mushroom farm.


Who are we?

Some Funguys is a low tech/low waste cold gourmet mushroom farm producing a variety of gourmet mushroom grow at-home kits in the heart of the city of Edinburgh.

Developed out of a passion for mycology, foraging and a drive to not sit around during the COVID 19 pandemic, we started researching and developing low tech, low waste mushroom production. 
We are keen to give people the tools for them to produce choice edible mushrooms in their own home

What we do?

We are producing a variety of different gourmet mushroom grow at home kits, as we develop and grow we aim to increase the variety to suit the needs and wants of the good folk of Edinburgh. Our DIY mushroom grow kits can be found here- Grow at-home kits.

We are primarily focused on mushroom grow at home kits. These feature a 1.5kg innoculated fruiting block. These are grown on supplimented pelletised straw. Once the mushrooms are harvested from the block, the block itself makes excellent compost, the box is also compostable. The spawn bags are recycleable if you remove the filter patch.

We are working to develop a returnable grow kit ustilising re-usable tubs for a zerowaste option.

What makes us special?

We are using cold techniques on locally sourced agricultural waste products, compared to heat or steam pasteurisation this means our carbon footprint is as low as possible, we also deliver with cargo bikes and trailers further reducing our carbon output. Where possible we reuse any materials and try to produce as little waste as possible. 

As a small local ethical business, we get to be selective in who we work with and strive to build a better commnity. You can find out which other local ethical business we work with on our collaborations page

Unlike larger-scale mushroom producers we do not use manure or any other products linked to livestock production, this means that any aspiring vegan will be happy with our products.