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As a small local ethical business, we take pride in being able to select other small local ethical business in and around Edinburgh to work with.


All local deliveries are carried out by Gabriele from Weegoo delivery, he runs a zero-emission cargo bike, and provides an excellent service.

Weegoo Delivery

Our tops and masks are printed by a not for profit open access community print workshop in Leith, Bare Branding.  As a community interest company they focus more on sustainability and community than bottom line profits without sacrificing quality of the products or service.

Bare Branding

We have been doing stalls at the local Leith Walk police Box, whose organisers are excellent to work with and are able to provide guidance and support to new businesses

Leith Walk Police Box

Our stamps were crafted for us at Edinburgh Hack lab by our technically savvy pal at MakerBee Lab.

MakerBee Lab

We got a load of badges printed up by Jonas from Leith Badge Factory.

Leith Badge Factory

Our banner and gift cards were printed by Leith Print Sponge.

Print Sponge